Comfy flip flops for tired bride toes

Choosing your wedding shoes is never going to be a quick or easy task; there are such a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours that finding a pair that will work perfectly with the dress you’ve chosen can seem like such a difficult decision.

One of most important feature of your wedding shoes (along with the style) is the comfort – you’ll likely wear these shoes all day long and in to the evening, and the last thing you want on your mind is your shoes rubbing. Catherine Francis Bridal Boutique carries a range of beautiful shoes by Rainbow Club, which offer a truly unique look. Each pair are handmade using the finest fabrics and materials, with time spent ensuring they are super comfortable, leaving the wearer free to enjoy their special day.

However, no matter how comfortable Rainbow Club shoes are, when it comes to dancing the night away, flip flops are the best thing to go for! You’ll have been on your feet all day, so by the evening it would be ideal to give your feet a rest by choosing more practical footwear. CFBB stock a range of both casual and more unique flip flops which could be a life saver for tired bride toes, keeping you tearing up the dance floor ‘til the music stops. And this doesn’t only apply to the bride! How often are heels kicked off under the table once the music starts and the drinks are in?! There are a lot of brides that offer their wedding guests with a ‘feet savers’ for the evening dancing! Not only will it bring a smile to their face, but also help them party the night away.

For more information about the range of shoes or flip flops for brides and bridesmaids, please contact Catherine.