Bridesmaid styles for your summer wedding

Choosing a bridesmaid dress can be a sometimes a little challenging – depending on how decisive you are! As you browse through various different styles, you’ll have to think carefully about not only your general wedding theme, but also how your bridesmaids will feel about your choice; since you’re close with them, you’ll probably know their tastes and styles.

Styles and Options for Bridesmaids  too!

There are plenty of options to choose from when deciding what style of bridesmaid dress to go for. An easy choice to start with might be whether you’d like your bridesmaids in long or short dresses. Long dresses traditionally set a quite formal tone for a wedding, however it will depend on the fabric and print you go for; choose a long floaty dress with a boho print and you’ll instantly create a more relaxed look. You should also consider the season and climate of your wedding, as the bridesmaids are sure to appreciate being in a shorter number in the blazing hot afternoon sun.

Nowadays, it’s not a must to put your bridesmaids in identical dresses and it can be way more interesting and fun to use a mix and match approach to not only hem heights, but also colours, fabrics and designs – just take care to select ones that look good together. There are plenty of options to go for; different colour, same style; same colour, different style; or different colour, different style! If you go for the latter option but would still like a unified look, go for neutral colours.

As with any part of planning your wedding, keep an open mind and be okay with change. Catherine Francis Bridal Boutique holds a beautiful collection of bridesmaid dresses; Colour by Kenneth Winston and Bari Jay Bridesmaid Collection are available in a wide variety of styles and colours that will not only complement your dress, but also be a garment for your bridesmaids to treasure in the future. For a thorough chat about your options, please contact Catherine to book an appointment.