2016 weddings: style trends for those last minute details

We try to keep on top of ever-changing wedding style trends, as it is important to understand the type of wedding a bride is looking for, to understand the style of dress they require. Styles really do change and as soon as you say pink & grey something else has taken its place! Here are some of our ideas for 2016 that can be added to your wedding plan for next year.

Some key trends:

  • Dark jewel tones – using the darker tones can work for any season, but also provide a great contrast to the more traditional colour schemes. Investigate a wider range of colours and don’t be afraid to go bold!
  • Use eating ‘stations’ and cocktail receptions – as a change from the more traditional sit-down wedding breakfasts, feeding stations are cropping up more and more in UK weddings, especially at less formal venues such as barns or marquees. Food stations can include pizza and pasta, cheese and wine, charcuterie and olives, tapas or even scones and cream tea. They offer a great alternative to a buffet and give guests a great reason to mingle.
  • Bling up your barn – who doesn’t love a country barn-style wedding? Brides are now looking to add that extra sparkle to their rural venue with chandeliers (multiple chandeliers look fabulous) plus adding crystals to candle decorations, and anything that catches the light. The new trend for barns is to be as sparkly as possible. Make sure you consult the wedding venue about what is possible before making too many plans!

We are looking forward to seeing our 2016 brides for their fittings and hearing about some of their new trends they have installed for their weddings.